Jazz, Latin and Fusion. the Music talent. (Elio`s Quartet)

In recent years the music has evolved to unimaginable points, Tanto, who has left behind the talent and knowledge of real musicians who daily are exploring the new sounds.
That is why it is worth mentioning sounds like Jazz, Latin son, salsa and fusion versions that perform many bands and artists around the world that are of greater value than we hear daily from R & B, Hip Hop, Reggaeton, Pop , etc., just to mention a few.
Today I highlight the talent and pace of a band which has until today achieved many awards, including qualification as best Jazz Band Festival 2016 in Cuba.
Elio`s Quartet, reflects the study of each member and his deep knowledge in music, leaving a clean, professional and very sound projection. This should lead to the big producers to consider if it really worth leaving the innate forgotten sounds of music, to give way to simple electronic mixtures for only create mediocre concepts in our society.

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